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There are multiple situations where families may need to address legal issues. At Clark Law Group, we work to help our clients fight for their families’ interests and ensure they have a stable future. Whether you believe that ending your marriage would be best for your family, need to address issues related to the custody of your children, or are looking to recover compensation for an injury that has affected a member of your family, we can help you understand your legal options. Contact us today at 469-906-2266 for a confidential consultation.


We help our clients by giving them a clear view of their legal options and how to proceed. 

Family Law

You can count on us for simple uncontested divorce or a high profile case with substantial assets.

Personal Injury

Years of experience helping clients build their cases against negligent parties and insurance companies.


Legally dissolving your marriage can be a complex process, and you will want to take the correct steps to protect your rights while making sure you will have the financial resources you need as you begin the next stage of your life.

We can provide you with strong and effective representation during your divorce, helping you determine the best ways to address issues such as property division and alimony. We will guide you through the Texas divorce process while advising you on the best ways to resolve any disputes that may arise during your case.

UncontEsted divorce

While spouses may be able to negotiate a divorce settlement and end their marriage without the need for a courtroom trial, it’s still important to secure legal representation. We can help you make the right choices during these negotiations and ensure that your settlement will protect your interests.

High Asset Divorce

A divorce can become much more complex when either spouse earns a large income or a couple owns significant assets. In these cases, we help our clients understand the best ways to address ownership of multiple types of complex assets while also addressing issues related to financial support.

Family Law

There are a wide variety of situations where family members may need to address legal issues. Our lawyers work to help our clients handle these matters properly while protecting the best interests of any children involved. We work with divorcing or unmarried parents to resolve disputes related to the custody of their children.

We can also help address other family-related issues, such as creating prenuptial agreements, establishing legal paternity, or applying for protective orders in situations involving domestic violence.

Personal Injury

People may suffer serious injuries in a variety of situations, and these injuries can cause a great deal of difficulty in their lives. When an injury was caused by another person’s actions or negligence, the victim can pursue compensation for their damages.

This compensation may address their loss of income while recovering, decreased earning capacity due to a disability, past and future medical treatment, and pain and suffering. We provide injury victims with strong legal representation, helping them take action to secure the compensation they deserve.

car accidents

Car accidents

Negligent drivers or other liable parties may be held responsible for the accidents suffered by victims of motor vehicle collisions.

Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Truck drivers or trucking companies may commit multiple forms of negligence that lead to dangerous truck wrecks and serious injuries.

Work Injuries

Ride Sharing accidents

Accidents involving companies like Uber or Lyft vehicle can involve complex matters when pursing compensation.

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