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While court orders following a divorce, separation, or family law dispute are intended to help people understand and adapt to significant changes to their lives, not all parties will choose to be cooperative. Many divorcees have trouble keeping track of their new court orders and inadvertently fail to follow them, causing big problems for their ex and children. Others may even intentionally ignore court orders just to cause trouble out of spite. Whatever the case may be, the court order enforcement lawyers from Clark Law Group can help you.

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Dealing with Uncooperative Ex-Spouse

Many solutions involve using the court’s power to take property or finances directly from an uncooperative ex-spouse. However, some cases of an uncooperative ex can involve child custody, such as an ex who refuses to follow visitation or custody schedules.

The court may enforce the order by further limiting your ex’s custody rights, remove certain licenses, refuse to renew their passport, and so forth. In so many ways, Texas family law courts take child custody violations highly seriously and use a variety of severe methods to enforce such orders.

What Happens If a Court Order Is Violated in Dallas?

If your ex-spouse is not correctly and fully following a court order, you can call upon an attorney for guidance, counsel, and representation. Whether they are not complying with a spousal maintenance, child support, custody, or visitation order, you need an experienced attorney on your side that can help you enforce the court order. At Clark Law Group, we offer our legal services to help enforce court orders when your ex is not cooperating.

How to Enforce a Court Order

Unfortunately, if enforcing a court order was as simple as showing the order to your ex-spouse, then they would have never disobeyed the order in the first place. Instead, you will need to take some legal steps to get the matter resolved as quickly and peaceably as possible. As your Dallas court order enforcement lawyers, it will be our job to analyze your situation, review your court orders, and find the best way to seek enforcement from the court.

When you need to enforce your ex’s cooperation with a court order, you may need to:

  • File an Abstract of Judgement to obtain a creditor’s lien on a person’s property.
  • Petition for Writs of Garnishment to obtain funds directly from their bank account or other monetary assets to pay child support or alimony.
  • Seek a Turnover Order to acquire property that satisfies a property division judgement.

Effective Solutions to Enforcement Issues

Clark Law Group understands the difficulty of raising a child with an uncooperative partner. When we are your Dallas enforcement attorneys, it becomes our mission to get your court orders enforced as originally intended, no matter how stubborn your ex might be. You can count on us to fight on your behalf.

Contact our Dallas court order enforcement attorneys now to get us in your corner. Call 469-906-2266. We work on behalf of individuals and families in Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, and the neighboring communities.

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