Falling and Shifting Cargo Accident

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There are multiple types of safety issues and other factors that can lead to dangerous truck accidents. In many cases, collisions may be caused by driver negligence related to traffic violations or failure to follow safety regulations. However, there are other parties who may be responsible for commercial truck accidents. In cases where collisions occurred because cargo shifted while a truck was in motion or fell from a truck into the roadway, victims will need to determine who may be held liable for their injuries and damages. To ensure that issues related to commercial truck accident liability will be addressed correctly, it is crucial for victims to secure representation from an attorney with experience in these types of cases.

Dallas Falling and Shifting Cargo Accident Attorney

The lawyers of Clark Law Group have represented clients in multiple different types of truck wrecks and other personal injury cases involving motor vehicle collisions. We work to make sure injury victims understand the legal issues that may affect them and the steps they can take to receive financial compensation that fully addresses the harm they have suffered. By gathering the necessary evidence to demonstrate liability in these cases, we can help ensure that trucking companies and other parties who failed to follow the correct safety procedures will be held responsible for a victim’s injuries and damages.

Liability for Cargo-Related Truck Wrecks

When items are loaded in a truck’s trailer or cargo area, they should be fully secured using straps, chains, or other approved methods. Items should also be loaded in a way that provides the proper weight distribution. If cargo is not loaded or secured correctly, accidents may occur because of:

  • Improper cargo distribution – A truck or trailer may become unbalanced if the weight of cargo is not evenly distributed. Too much weight on one side of a trailer may affect a truck driver’s ability to safely negotiate curves or make turns. If too much weight is placed to the front or rear of a trailer, this may affect the traction of the truck’s tires, making it more difficult for a driver to slow down or stop correctly.
  • Overloaded trucks – Commercial trucks have strict weight limits. However, some companies may attempt to exceed these limits in order to ensure that more cargo can be delivered in the same amount of time. When a truck is overloaded, this may affect a driver’s ability to slow down or stop in time to avoid a collision. Overloaded trucks can also become top-heavy, increasing the chances of a rollover accident.
  • Shifting cargo – Items that are not tied down or otherwise secured in place may move inside a truck’s cargo area during transit. This can affect the weight distribution of cargo and cause a driver to lose control of their truck, leading to dangerous collisions.
  • Falling cargo – Since commercial trucks often carry large, heavy cargo, these items can cause a great deal of damage if they fall from a truck while in transit. Cargo that lands on another vehicle may cause serious injuries for drivers or passengers. Items may also create obstacles in the road, leading to collisions involving multiple vehicles.

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Multiple parties may be at fault for a truck accident related to falling or shifting cargo. A trucking company may be liable for its failure to follow the correct safety procedures, or a logistics or distribution company may be held responsible for improper cargo loading practices. Truck drivers and their employers may also be liable for the failure to regularly inspect cargo to make sure it was properly secured on a truck. To learn how our attorneys can help victims take legal action to address cargo-related truck accidents, contact us at 469-906-2266 and arrange a consultation today. We assist with truck accidents and injuries in Coppell, Farmers Branch, North Dallas, Dallas County, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Collin County, University Park, McKinney, Carrollton, Lakewood, Plano, Lake Highland, Irving, Mesquite, Park Cities, Fort Worth, Preston Hollow, Valley Ranch, Denton County, Highland Park, and Garland.

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