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Family Law Attorney in Dallas Helping Change Court Orders as Life Changes

While a divorce marks a major shift in your life, it is probably will not be the end of your interactions with your ex-spouse. Even though a court judgment pertaining to your family is binding, it does not have to be permanent if it stops benefitting you or causes a real hindrance on your lifestyle. With an experienced Dallas modification attorney from Clark Law Group on your side, it is possible to petition for changes to court orders that help you move in a direction that better fits your needs.

Dallas Order Modifications Lawyer

experienced Dallas modifications lawyer

As petitioning for a court order modification is a highly specific process, having an experienced Dallas modification lawyer on your side is crucial. You must be able to demonstrate that the changes occurring in your life require a new court order.

Clark Law Group is here to help you modify your court orders as needed. During your initial consultation, we can discuss what you want modified and point you in the right direction if it can be.

What Judgments Can Be Modified?

Families are not static, and neither is life in general. Each year can bring changes that drastically alter your ability to carry out your familial duty after a divorce or separation. The same is true of your ex-spouse, of course. Thankfully, the legal system in Texas makes it possible to change court orders. If you are undergoing a major change in your life, it is important that you file the right changes to get a court order that fits accordingly.

Court-ordered modifications can be applied to:

Our attorneys can help you prove your life change’s significance to the court, improving the odds of getting your modification approved.

Circumstances that could constitute the need for a modification include:

  • Unexpected job loss
  • Relocation to a different geographical area
  • Accrual of long-term expenses
  • Major changes at home that make it unsuitable for children

Make Your Choices the Best Choices

Petitioning for a divorce order modification is not something to take lightly. The court will start on the defensive, wanting to keep its previous order standing. You have to overcome their doubt and prove that your modification is not only necessary but also beneficial, especially for your children.

To get the most out of a modification, allow our team of Dallas modification attorneys act on your behalf. We prioritize your future just as if we were representing ourselves.

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