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The so-called “gig economy” has offered many people the opportunity to earn an income by providing transportation to passengers or making deliveries. While this has provided benefits for some, as well as massive profits for the companies that employ gig workers, it has also led to more drivers on the road who are using these apps and providing these types of services. Car accidents involving these drivers are inevitable, and people who are injured in these collisions can sometimes struggle to determine their options for pursuing compensation. Understanding how insurance coverage applies in these situations or whether a rideshare company may be held liable for injuries suffered in a car crash can sometimes be a complex matter, but victims of these accidents can protect their rights by working with an attorney who has experience in these types of cases.

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At Clark Law Group, we work to ensure that our clients have strong and effective legal representation as they address issues related to car wrecks. We understand the factors that can affect a person’s ability to receive compensation for their injuries and damages, and we work to ensure that rideshare companies or other liable parties are held responsible for collisions caused by negligent drivers. When negotiating settlements with insurance companies or taking legal action against rideshare companies, we will fight to protect our clients’ rights and do everything we can to make sure they will be fully compensated for their damages.

Liability in Rideshare Accidents

In recent years, Uber, Lyft, and similar companies have come under fire for their hiring practices and the procedures they follow to ensure that their customers are safe. While these companies claim that drivers are screened thoroughly to uncover any potential safety issues, many drivers have been allowed to drive for these services even if they have a poor driving record or a criminal history. Even when drivers are fully qualified, they may experience a number of safety issues when working for rideshare services, such as factors related to distracted driving while using an app that informs them of when and where passengers should be picked up or dropped off.

While rideshare companies have insurance policies that provide coverage for passengers using these services and others who are injured in collisions, understanding when this coverage is in effect can sometimes be complex. While a policy may apply when a driver is transporting passengers or traveling to pick someone up, it may not provide coverage in cases where a driver is using a rideshare app but has not yet accepted a fare. In some cases, drivers may maintain private insurance policies to provide coverage at all times, but in others, victims may struggle to recover compensation if a policy was not in effect at the time of an accident.

To make matters worse, rideshare companies may attempt to avoid liability by claiming that their drivers are independent contractors. By doing so, they may state that because their drivers are not considered employees, the company is not liable for injuries that were caused by a driver’s negligence. These practices can often leave injury victims unsure about who is responsible for an accident and whether a company will be required to provide compensation for their damages.

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