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Texas employment law does not require employers to purchase and provide workers’ compensation coverage to employees. As a result, it is possible that you have no “safety net” in place if you ever get hurt while on the job or while performing regular job duties. If you get seriously injured at work, then it may fall onto your shoulders to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim, just as you would in any other similar scenario.

At Clark Law Group in Dallas, we proudly represent injured employees who need to file a workplace injury lawsuit. We represent workers in all types of industries, such as retail, commercial, educational, industrial, oilfield work, etc. Call 469-717-6514 to tell us what happened, and we will tell you how we can help.

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Who Is Liable for Your Workplace Injury Damages?

Liability in a workplace injury case can become complicated if you are unfamiliar with liability laws in Texas. Who exactly caused your injury and what did they do to cause it? Our Dallas workplace injury attorneys are familiar with all the processes to follow when pinpointing liability following an accident, as well as calculating fair and maximized damages.

Parties that could be liable for your workplace injury include:

  • Employer: Commonly, liability falls upon the employer, who has a duty to provide you with a safe work environment at all times. If your accident can be linked to an unsafe workspace, then we will likely bring your claim against your employer first and foremost.
  • Coworker: Did your coworker do something that contributed to your accident? They might be held liable for your damages. For example, your coworker is supposed to hand you down a box from the overstock but drops it onto your head because they were texting with their other hand. In this situation, liability might be on your coworker who made the mistake, but also your employer because they kept an untrained, unsafe member on their staff.
  • Third party: You might also suffer a workplace injury due to the negligence of a third party, like a customer or vendor. Without workers’ compensation benefits allowing you to get coverage regardless of liability, you will need to bring your claim directly against whoever hurt you.

Does Your Employer Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Although workers’ compensation is not required in Texas, there is nothing stopping employers from purchasing it. Many employers do purchase workers’ compensation insurance to shield them from workplace injury lawsuits. If you use workers’ comp, then you generally cannot also sue your employer, even when they are clearly responsible for your injury due to negligence.

You can get in contact with your company’s HR department to see if you have workers’ compensation coverage. You might already know the answer if you reported your workplace injury immediately or soon after it occurred.

Helping You File a Lawsuit Against Your Employer

You deserve total compensation for your accident, one way or another. Our Dallas workplace injury attorneys can help you navigate the process and ensure that you will be able to confidently file a lawsuit when necessary. We draw upon our collective experience to give you the best client experience possible.

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