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Parental Relocation

Dallas Child Custody Lawyer for Modifications of Conservatorship and Possession Orders

After a divorce or breakup, parents will live in separate homes, and it can sometimes be challenging to create arrangements for transporting children between these homes and ensuring that they will be able to have sufficient visitation time with each parent. These matters can become even more complex in situations where one parent makes plans to move a significant distance away from where the other parent lives. When a parent’s plans to relocate affect child custody, this can lead to contentious disputes, and matters may need to be resolved in family court as parents determine whether and how their parenting agreement should be updated to address the changes that will be occurring.

For both custodial parents who are looking to move and non-custodial parents who want to make sure they will be able to maintain positive relationships with their children, legal representation is essential. Clark Law Group provides skilled and dedicated representation in these and other family law cases. We work to help our clients understand their rights and determine whether they will be able to reach agreements about how child-related issues will be handled. If necessary, we can provide strong representation in family court and advocate for solutions that will protect children’s best interests.

Legal Issues Affecting Parental Relocations

When parents get divorced, they will generally share joint custody of their children, although sole custody may be appropriate in some cases. However, even when sharing joint custody, one parent will have the exclusive right to determine their child’s primary residence. This parent is commonly referred to as the “custodial” parent, and the child will usually live with them the majority of the time, with that parent’s address being used to determine the school district where the child may receive an education.

While the custodial parent will be allowed to decide where they can live with their children, a divorce decree or child custody order may include restrictions on where they will be allowed to live. In cases where children spend regular time living in each parent’s home, and both parents are involved in children’s lives and activities, these geographical restrictions may be fairly narrow, requiring the custodial parents to continue living within the same city, county, or region. This will ensure that the custodial parent will not move with their children so far away that it would affect the other parent’s visitation time or their ability to maintain close and continuing contact with their children.

A custodial parent will be able to freely move within the geographical restrictions put in place by the court. However, if a parent wishes to relocate to a location outside of the allowed area, they will need to request a modification to their parenting agreement. Depending on the distance of the planned move, this modification may not only need to update the area where the custodial parent may live, but parents may also be required to make any other changes that will be necessary, such as modifying the visitation schedule, the transportation arrangements for children, and each parent’s level of authority and involvement in making child-related decisions.

When requesting a modification related to parental relocation, a parent will need to demonstrate that these changes will be in the child’s best interests. The court may consider the educational opportunities that will be available to the child at each location, whether a move will bring them closer to or farther away from extended family members, how the child’s relationships with friends and family will be affected by the move, and whether it will be possible for the child to maintain a close relationship with the non-custodial parent while living at the new location.

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Whether you are a custodial parent who is planning to move or a non-custodial parent who wants to make sure your relationship with your children will not be harmed by the other parent’s relocation, our firm can provide you with representation during legal proceedings that address this issue. We will work to protect your parental rights and help you reach an outcome that will provide for your children’s best interests. Contact us and arrange a confidential consultation by calling 469-906-2266. We provide legal help with relocations or other modifications to child custody in Coppell, Fort Worth, North Dallas, Lakewood, Collin County, Valley Ranch, Dallas, Garland, McKinney, Preston Hollow, Lake Highland, Denton County, Farmers Branch, University Park, Mesquite, Plano, Park Cities, Irving, Dallas County, Carrollton, Highland Park, and Grand Prairie.

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