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No family should have to endure the constant fear that comes from a violent person. Unfortunately, dating and family violence is all too common. The good news is that Texas law provides protective orders as an effective way to limit the harm these people can cause.

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When to File a Protective Order

If you are dealing with a dangerous person—be it a family member or someone you are dating—you deserve protection. Violence can inflict severe and lasting trauma resulting in many years of worry and stress. We are here to help. You do not have to endure this kind of terror. Clark Law Group has helped many clients to protect themselves from these kinds of people, and we stand ready to help you as well.

You should consider filing a protective order if a person:

  • Commits an act that was intended to cause physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault
  • Makes a threat that places a person in fear of physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault

What Does a Protective Order Do?

Protective orders require an abuser to change their behavior or face legal consequences. By declaring a legal boundary for a harmful person to obey, police then have the recourse necessary to arrest them if they violate those rules.

Protective orders can help to prevent:

  • Family and dating violence
  • All communication, or communication made in a threatening or harassing manner
  • Abusers from coming to your home or work
  • Visits from abusers at schools or daycare facilities attended by household members
  • Your child being removed from the Court’s jurisdiction
  • Removal of pets or assistance animals from your possession
  • Abusers from transferring or disposing of any property that you own or lease together

Other Benefits of a Protective Order

There are also circumstances where the court can remove an abuser from a home shared with the party filing the protective order. Protective orders can also require the person to surrender their firearms and attend counseling. Keep in mind as well, these orders can be changed as circumstances evolve. However, violence at home cannot be reversed. Do something to protect yourself and your family.

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