While it may not seem like the most romantic thing a couple should do – in fact, it may seem counter-intuitive – one of the most important items an engaged couple should have on their wedding to-do list is to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up by a Texas family lawyer. Although the purpose of a prenup is to address what will happen to the couple’s assets should they divorce, it can actually add a positive aspect to the couple’s relationship.

Benefits of a Prenup

Honest Discussions

One of the most common reasons couples cite for divorcing is disagreements over finances. Unfortunately, many couples get caught up in the “romantic” side of dating, that they often do not learn what their partner’s attitude is when it comes to saving and spending until after they say, “I do.” This is especially true for couples who do not live together before getting married.

When you sit down to draw up a prenuptial agreement, both parties are required to be honest about their financial standing – both assets and debts. This process will allow couples to discuss finances they may not have had and gain insight into their future spouse’s financial goals and spending habits.

Blended Families

Prenuptial agreements can help couples whose marriage will lead to a blended family make sure their children from prior relationships are protected should the marriage end. A prenuptial agreement that addresses ownership of assets and property should the marriage end will ensure that those assets will be passed down to your children someday and not get caught up in a divorce settlement battle.

This is also a good time to update your estate plan, as well, to ensure those assets are protected should something happen to you after you have remarried.

Easier Divorce Process

While everyone wants their marriage to last forever, almost half of couples do end up in divorce court. Having a prenuptial agreement that addresses the financial issues that often lead to a difficult and drawn-out divorce process eliminates the risk of a divorce fight. This saves you both time and money and provides you peace of mind knowing your financial future will be protected.

Contact a Fort Worth, TX Family Lawyer

If you have decided to get married, it is important to consider the ways a prenuptial agreement can benefit you. If you are already married, a Dallas, TX family lawyer can also help you and your now-spouse draft a postnuptial agreement. Call Clark Law Group at 469-765-3910 to schedule a confidential consultation to learn more.