People all over the world use social media – so much so that someone is a bit of an outlier if they do not. And while such ubiquitous social media use can be a great resource for staying in touch with friends and family, it does have its pitfalls. Divorce is a time when social media can easily turn from a tool into a weapon, including being used as evidence in divorce proceedings. While you should always use social media carefully, exercise extra caution during your divorce. An experienced Texas divorce attorney can help you learn more about how social media can be used safely during divorce; in the meantime, here are five things to do and not do.

Do Not Post Negative Things About Your Marriage

Divorce typically comes on the heels of many years of resentment and loneliness. It can be natural to want to reach out to your friends and followers to get sympathy and a listening ear. However, experts caution that saying negative things about your marriage or your ex can become a permanent record that could crop up in divorce proceedings.

Do Make Your Social Media Private

If you choose to use social media during divorce, make sure your privacy settings are carefully set to provide you with the maximum amount of privacy possible. Go through your friends list and remove anyone you worry may comb through your profile for information to use against you. Consider making yourself unsearchable and definitely make it so nobody can tag you in pictures without your approval.

Do Remove Your Relationship Status

Even if you are already dating someone new and you are proud of it, keep your relationship status private. Avoid making public changes that people can see and comment on; instead, go to your privacy settings and make your relationship status visible only to you.

Do Not Discuss Your Case Online

Even though many types of social media may provide what seems and feels like anonymity, chances are someone familiar with your case could guess it is you and share information that you hoped to keep private.

Do Not Look Up Your Ex

It can be tempting to follow your ex’s online behavior so you know what they are up to, whether they are telling the truth in divorce affidavits, or whether they are dating someone new. But staying abreast of someone you should be separating yourself from can lead to unhealthy, obsessive habits and behaviors. You can block your ex on all accounts so they cannot see you and vice versa, but if you cannot resist the urge to follow your ex, consider speaking with a therapist who can help you work through your feelings.

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