Film and television programming generally portray divorce as a contentious, stressful process. However, while the emotional aspects of ending a marriage can be truly devastating, the legal side of ending a marriage does not have to be.

Nowadays, the majority of couples in Texas do not divorce via a “courtroom showdown.” Instead, they work with each other and their attorneys – and sometimes, a third-party mediator – to resolve their differences without judicial intervention. Taking this kind of cooperative approach isone of the most effective way to keep legal costs – and the stress levels of everybody involved – relatively low as a couple works to dissolve their marriage.

Recognizing Your Power

In a divorce scenario, each spouse decides what their priorities are. Whether those priorities consist of remaining in one’s marital home or making one’s ex utterly miserable, they will largely dictate the process and its outcome. If keeping your legal costs low is a priority for you, you will want to consider two primary realities when adjusting your other priorities to facilitate this goal.

First, you will want to recognize your power in this situation. You cannot control how your spouse behaves and what they will choose to dig their heels in about. However, you do control your own behavior. Every time you fight for something, you will stretch out the process and risk litigation if you cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Some priorities are worth fighting for. But you should simply keep in mind that you have the choice to fight, the choice to compromise, and the choice to back down. The more contentious your divorce process is, the costlier it is likely to be.

Second, you will want to keep in mind that being “penny wise and pound foolish” is not a great approach. Navigating a divorce process peaceably is a noble goal. But if compromising or giving in is going to dramatically affect your future for the worse, you will need to evaluate whether saving time and money now is worth certain sacrifices down the road.

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No single approach to the divorce process works well for every couple. Whether you are confident that you and your spouse can approach this transition amicably or you would like to try a cooperative approach but be ready for a contentious process should your situation devolve, the knowledgeable and creative Dallas, TX divorce lawyers at Clark Law Group are here to help.

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