Being able to co-parent after a divorce is one factor a judge will look at before deciding on the best interest of your children. When one parent is often too hostile for the other parent to be around, it can create tension that makes co-parenting almost impossible. It can take everything you have emotionally and mentally to ensure the blowback does not impact your children. Thankfully, there is a way to continue to co-parent effectively without direct engagement with your ex-partner. For divorcing couples who can work together for their children, an attorney can help you draft an acceptable parenting plan to present to the court. One can also provide advice on effective co-parenting after the divorce is finalized.

Parallel Parenting

One of the best ways to circumvent the hostility from one parent to another is to choose a new parenting approach in the form of parallel parenting. Parallel parenting is a parenting method for ex-couples who cannot cooperate while raising their children. The parents will have limited direct contact, if any at all, and will be able to disengage from one another and remain responsible for the day-to-day care whenever that parent is in control according to the parenting plan or court-ordered parenting decision. Communication is limited to emergencies only, celebrations and holidays should not be attended jointly, and, so long as the wellbeing of the children is not compromised, neither parent will have a say over the other in terms of parental responsibility management. A straightforward and thorough parenting plan is required for parallel parenting to work. Each bullet point for what is expected should be as detailed as possible so that there is no opportunity for confusion or misinterpretation. Contingency plans are also crucial to the success of parallel parenting in the case that one parent misses a visit or what should be done about a parent who denies the other parent their visiting time.

Make Your Children A Priority

No matter how you choose to co-parent, keeping your children’s needs at the forefront is essential for their development and avoiding legal troubles in the future. Even in parallel parenting, conflicts can arise that can cause friction between parents. You must defend your children from any decisions or actions that could negatively impact them. Do your best to choose the appropriate conflict resolution to address any issues or disputes you and your ex may have regarding co-parenting. Doing so will allow your children to thrive despite the challenges of co-parenting with a hostile or abusive ex-spouse.

Contact a Fort Worth, TX Family Law Attorney

Do not allow a hostile or toxic ex-partner to keep you from effectively parenting your children. Though you and your ex may retain a toxic relationship after a divorce, it is in your power to keep your children clear of the impact. An experienced Dallas, TX family law and divorce attorney can assist you in your co-parenting challenges. Contact the Clark Law Group at 469-765-3910 to set up an appointment.