A Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) is a legal proceeding used to establish, change, or enforce child custody and support orders in Texas. If you have a SAPCR order and your circumstances have changed, you may need to change the order.

If you are considering changing a child custody order, it is important to remember that the court’s goal is to do what is best for the child. Having an experienced family law attorney can help you file a petition, serve the other parent, and represent you at the hearing.

How Do I Modify the Child Custody Order?

To change a child custody order in Texas, you must show that there has been a significant change in circumstances that affects your child. Some common grounds for change include:

  • One parent moving a significant distance away
  • One parent’s ability to provide for the child
  • Your child’s preference for living with one parent
  • A change in one parent’s work schedule
  • Evidence of drug or alcohol abuse or domestic violence

To start the process, you must file a petition with the court that has jurisdiction over your child. The petition must state the reasons for the change and the changes you are requesting. The other parent must be served with a copy of the petition.

A hearing will be held to decide whether to change the order. The judge will consider your child’s best interests when making a decision. If the judge agrees to change the order, a new order will be issued.

Why Child Custody Modifications are Important

Texas child custody laws are based on the best interests of the child. This means that the court will consider all relevant factors when deciding whether to modify a child custody order, including:

  • The child’s present and future physical, emotional, and psychological needs
  • The parents’ abilities to meet their child’s needs
  • The wishes of the child, if the child is of sufficient age and capacity to form an intelligent understanding of the issues
  • The stability of the proposed living arrangements for the child
  • The distance between the homes of the parents
  • The cost of transportation for the child
  • The child’s relationship with the parents, siblings, and other significant persons in the child’s life
  • The willingness and ability of both parents to cooperate in facilitating the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • The history of domestic violence, child abuse, or sexual abuse in the family
  • Any other factors the court considers relevant

If a child custody order is no longer in the best interests of your child, the court may modify the order to reflect your child’s changing needs.

Contact a Dallas, TX Family Law Attorney

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