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Apps that Can Help Divorcing Spouses to Co-Parent More Effectively
April 27, 2023 Clark Law Group

Apps that Can Help Divorcing Spouses to Co-Parent More Effectively

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Co-parenting can be a challenging undertaking, especially before both adults and their children have settled into an established rhythm. As a result, it can be very helpful for divorcing spouses who share minor children to utilize different forms of technology when attempting to honor their obligations to each other and their children. The use of technology designed specifically with co-parents in mind may even be cited as an expectation in a divorcing couple’s parenting agreement.

Technology that Can Strengthen Bonds and Minimize Tension

There are two primary forms of technology that can potentially assist co-parents in managing their family’s needs more effectively.

First, some apps can help parents to remain bonded and invested in their children’s lives when their children are residing with their co-parent. Apps that can help bring parents and kids together across the miles include:

  • Caribu

  • Kindoma Storytime

  • Marco Polo

  • Zoog: Magical Storytime

Second, some apps are designed to facilitate streamlined, low-stress interactions between co-parents. These resources can help to ensure that co-parents can effectively communicate about their children’s lives while keeping the likelihood that individual exchanges of information will lead to in-fighting. These apps minimize the emotional toll of interacting with a co-parent, as information is often presented in the most straightforward way possible. Co-parenting apps that may be worthy of consideration in this regard include:

  • 2Houses

  • Custody Connection

  • FamCal

  • OurFamilyWizard

  • Parentship

  • WeParent

Contact a Creative Dallas Family Law Attorney for Personalized Guidance

Divorce is never an easy situation. By utilizing a variety of relevant resources, you can potentially turn truly stressful circumstances into a life transition that is more manageable than it would otherwise be. From downloading co-parenting apps to seeking reputable legal guidance, there are ways to make the divorce process less burdensome and more hopeful.

If you have not yet connected with the dedicated team of Dallas, TX family law lawyers at Clark Law Group about your intention to divorce your spouse, know that we offer legal services designed to honor our clients’ unique interests and priorities. Whether your divorce process is likely to be amicable or contentious, we can help to ensure that both your rights and your children’s best interests are protected as you move forward.

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